[Diary] Quiz: Which Axis Powers Hetalia country are you?

2009-02-23 01:25

Which Axis Powers Hetalia country are you?
Created by alexiusSana

England (Arthur Kirkland):

A young man with an obstinate and sarcastic personality, who has lots of rain and was a former delinquent.
He likes cooking but he doesn't have any repertoire, and his food isn't edible to begin with.
He's good friends with fairies and ghosts, tries black magic and summoning and is a bit of an occultist.
(Even though America calls them illusions...)

His drinking habits are strangely bad. He likes black tea and embroidery.
Also, now and then he likes to paint portraits of of axles.
There's also that one bit about how, ever since forever ago, he's been fighting with France.