[Love] The booockaintsII Movie

2010-06-30 20:21

love this movie
when u watch finish, u will love both brother!!!! XDDDD

[Work] Coslenses SF-10

2010-06-29 14:27

梵天|あまつき *Luca
Coslenses - Carnival/Animation Lenses (SF-10)

the lenses it's very shine more than the sample picture (i mean this pic)
but on my eyes it's real color of SF-10 (and the full lenses on my picture too)
copy the url picture or visit here look the big size

if u interesting of that lenses don't forget to visit Coslenses

[Cosplay] 梵天 | あまつき

2010-06-28 05:06

the last i cosplay as 梵天
and wait the photo

梵天 | あまつき
Photographer & Edit: DK
Contact Eyes: CosLenses (SF-10)

[Cosplay] 折原臨也 | デュラララ!!

2010-06-26 11:37

see you today @ Oishi (26日) event

photoshoot before go out

[Cosplay] Fan Page on Facebook

2010-06-17 19:56

Yolkler 玉 Page

i don't know who make this page
but i really happy to know so much
thanks Toyang Nee-chan for send recommend to me
and thanks all ppl to follow my work *smile*