[Cosplay] シエル・ファントムハイヴ | 黒執事

2010-07-27 02:36


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Thanks for all Photographer


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fist time i think i don't go this event (cp20) because it's very far from my home orz
but the last i crazy to register TOT cosplay vote so... i should go to event...

i try to make Ciel (Smile) costume for this event haha it's very crazy!
fist time i register contest i just thinking "hey, what i should be cosplay?"
and then before 2 week i chose Ciel (Smile), not bad right????

the last, thank you so much Ke, to take a photo for me! and help me everything

[Love] Dorian Gray

2010-07-13 17:30

if u know me, u will know i really love horror movie
lately, i borrow DVD from my friend it's Dorian Gray and Sweeney Todd (gods, old movie XD)

fist time i look the Dorian Gray cover gods!!!! what the hell who's fxxking handsome!!! hahahaha (very crazy)
and my friend said this movie is great! and have a handsome actor.
so... i borrow them lol
and about Sweeney Todd, i wanna watch longtime ago but my sis. don't like to watching music's movie (how call??) so them never think to buy them or rent (ex: the phantom of the opera too)

Sweeney Todd have a beautiful color movie everything it's great!

... no.... now i wanna talk about Dorian Gray hahahaha XDDD

yes, i love everything the Dorian Gray
he's really innocent >___<
i pity Basil died because he's look kind of angel soul for Dorian (and Henry is a demon soul)

this movie make me wanna read the novel so muchh!!! (yes, have the novel right???)
but... i can't read in english lol it's harder for me! i very tired when i read them lol

i fall in love him on this picture!!!!

[Cosplay] デュラララ!! & あまつき

2010-07-06 21:14

now, i update my lately cosplay finish!!! XDDD
the link.......
please click on my picture

hope u like my lately cosplay

[Gackt] Happy B-day To U!

2010-07-04 01:37

ลืมมาหลายรอบ แต่ถึงกระนั้น ก็รักที่สุดและจะรักตลอดไปนะ!!ฮี๊ววววว