[Cosplay] T&B, VOCALOID, 黒執事

2011-12-27 20:47

the last i'm update now orz...
i'm sorry for supper belated... haaaa very lazy O<--<
acutally have a bit some event i don't update yet
please wait if u can ; v ;

u can visit 3 album in this link: http://album.blog.yam.com/yolkler


2011-12-24 23:33

today i went to photoshoot for cosmode Thailand cover with Naru, Felon, Bin and Kashi
thanks dude so muchhhh ; Q ;)
i'm very fun and happy XDDDDD

Photo: Kashi

.... Merry X'MAS and Happy New Year 2012!!!!!
i don't know when can i update the blog again orz.... so.... have a nice holiday~~
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