[Cosplay] in J-Channel

2012-10-11 05:27


the last, radio channel is over! last friday i'm fun and happy so much! thanks Narutan came with me and cosplay as handsome Kotesu san~

at a channel i have too much play social network sorry lol
i'm the most talking in twitter, and cbok for j-channel
my friend said i'm a bunny social network addict (/ v \) yes, like that i think i'm fun when i talking with who watched me that time XD

and i got a some pict. from Komatsu Ayumu Lhen via twitter

u can click here for big pic: CLICK HERE

actually, i wanna watch in clip so much but i'm sure on one record it lol it's ok! i forgot to ask my friend to do it too (;▽;)ノ

but.. the last i hope who watched the radio that time had enjoyed and fun :D i know it's not your language but ... be ok??? (≧∇≦)/

[Cosplay] Cosplay in J-Channel

2012-10-05 02:08


longtime no log-in here u o u)/ ok now i'm write something here again lol
the most, i like to update in tuna.be: http://yolkler.tuna.be/ .... if u wanna see something in my life u can visit that site all time :D

ok! today me and my friend guest in J-Channel FM.
it's hmmm just talking and play game u can watch via: http://www.j-channel.jp/onairth.html
in 10 PM to 12 AM (+7 zone Thailand time)

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