[Cosplay] AFA CRR Form

2010-10-13 18:55

the last i post my register AFA CRR form finish
i know it's very crary and have low % to go to AFAX because... u know right? lol
and for another reason, have too much ppl cosplay as armor!!
i just... a cloth cloth and cloth (but have a lot detail (maybe? lol))
the cloth not interesting like as armor, a normal ppl think like that
but i think cosplay as costume and cosplay as armor very different

but i still wanna take a chance maybe me and my friend will be lucky?
so... please let visit on page form and leave your comment (if u can) i very happy so much!!!!
and i hope can i go and meet everybody on there (omg, it's very hard just a dream i know orz)

AFAX RCC Form - Castlevania Judgment





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