[Making] クジャ

2011-01-21 11:45

now... i still don't finish costume for tomorrow orz...
i will make it again after at my friend home ~_~ (becasue i can't do it by myself)
but for some piece it's finish *v*b
not looking good because when i wear i very fat!! hahaha so... don't thinking about my shape orz...

i try my best shoot for slim leg.. but i can't make it's small than this hahahaha

the neck

after finish (half)

near finish! (but now finish XD)

i don't thinking too much when i use this wig = ="
i think when it up in seat it's looking good (for me)
but when it up on my head...Woww!! don't thinking hahahaha!!

when i do this costume i very fun so much!
but if do it again... no i don't wanna do anymore = ="

the last one for test make-up and wig

see u on this saturday! (if u come )





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