[Vote] Wacoal Cosplay Contest 2nd Round

2011-01-28 02:32

fist, thanks everybody to vote me in 1st round
if i don't have u i don't pass to 2nd round for sure!!!!!

now... 2nd round internet vote in action!!!
and i'm no.14 (cosplay as Kuja (trance ver.) FFIX)

my body look big...

and for guide picture

vote here http://www.negibose.jp/contest.html

and same before them said "if u vote the same cosplayer a lot, become only one vote" but i still believe if u restart your modem (or your computer) your IP is change too
so...... don't worry!!! please vote when u use internet!!!! (everytime when u connect your modem)
it's my honor have all of u to support me for vote X3 (copy from FB hahaha XD)

i hope can i meet everybody in JP!!!!! (OMG so hardd!!)





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