[Diary] Doll Playground Event

2011-02-28 03:33

today i cosplay as william (Volks BJD)

he's looking guy right? hahahaha

i know i don't look like him but... happy to cosplay as him lol
and today the most ppl told me i look tired so much!
ah! really????
maybe last night i sleep at morning (again???) and contact lenses make vex me

the last this event i still belated hahaha (staff should be go to event before open door!! but i arrived at event when door open!! hahahaha)
this even i still be at Cafe zone! i very happy to help my friend so much! but... i feel i don't do anything only handsome stand (?) but when near cafe close i done a coinner zone
when have anything to do but the last i less and took then photo with my another friend
sorry P' Som to call u became to do that zone again
picture???? i got only 1 pic
and another is from my phone cam. (i took my camera too but don't use it!) only have fun photo (took with my friend not for cosplay)

with Cecile and Reisner!
(catty thanks for give me borrow your gun so much)

after end of event have a lot great food from P' Ice! (yammy!!!!) thank you everything!!! thanks for invite me as williams (sorry i not make great than this >"<

i will do better this if can i cosplay as him again!) thanks for went to bought the fabric and wig so much! (everything look great!) i'm sorry forgot return Williams

cloth to u too orz....

when everybody clear everything finish i went to dinner with P' Bee, P' Peace and a lot of friend XD have fun!! thank you all!!!

i wanna talk more than this but i think i said everythink i should be said finish! (long diary? lol)
for Williams cosplay picture... *wait my friend* XDDDD





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