[Diary: Tablet]

2011-11-30 18:06

hello guy~~~
i don't update here very longtime ago i'm a bit busy (ah i'm busy but i'm lazy too lol)
now... i bought the fisrt tablet!!!
kya!!! very excited and happy so much (fxxking poor now orz...)

last friday, Kazaki and Hotchii went to the shop with me omg thank you so much ; v ;)
if i don't have two ppl maybe now i still don't have tablet

i got Wacom Bamboo ~Pen~ it's expensive more than old gent. but... the shop don't have ole one ; q ;) so i just bought the new one orz.... thanks Kasaki to help me borrow the money ; v ;)

this is my tablet face = v =) green~~~~~~

ok!!! now i'm crazy to drawing so much if who follow me, u will know i drawing a lot lol
because now i be addicted in exteen community (ah like role play in my original character)

drawing is fun!! see u soon guy~~~~
for my next cosplay! yeah!!!!!


  1. kazaki | URL | -

    :DDDDDDDDD I'm happy that you enjoy with the digital painting technique. hahaha I'll follow your work naka XDXD




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