2012-04-18 20:23


now i'm be engaged in Pottermore XD
now all people can play pottermore ; v ; thanks JK Rolling!
when i play i feel like as read a novel again lol but now have a great flash CG! omg it's very beautifullll hahahaha

and my house is Gryffindor :D (i like 2 house is gryffindor and ravenclaw because them have a beautiful living room lol)

this is a living room for all of 4 house XD
i know u every see only 2 house for sure! (right? in movie show only 2 house right???)

spoil for game :D

it's very fantastic for 4 house right? lol

if u play this website u will know more substance don't have in a book ' v ')b (ex: profile for all character in the book)
and u can do potions XDDDD
here have make point for house too like in a book or movie if u can make the potions or win for spell ur home have much point too :D wooow

so..!! let play together!! lol

when i sign up i got a new use name for pottermore is: wolfowl17828
and then i change this usename to my original character :D

Link: My Pottermore Drawing

his name is Wolf Owl (maybe Owl Wolf? haha) yes from my usename id ' ,, u ,, '
and.. if u have Pottermore ID and have Drawr ID together (Pixvi it's ok) u can join thread with us :D

have fun! and see u there!!!! :D






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